“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”

from Alice in Wonderland

The Artist

Jody Gaston is a native of British Columbia Canada,  living in Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver. He lives with his wife and high school sweetheart (same person) and their two young boys. Known for his whimsical, organic and often strange designs, he creates from a seemingly endless list of ideas.

Having spent twenty years in the luxury yacht industry, where he was certified in the trade of Joinery through British Columbia Institute of Technology,  he is no stranger to curves, and they often find their way into his designs.

His unorthodox design process involves observing nature, playing with Lego, drinking wine and taking naps on the floor.  While many who know him think he should not be allowed to influence children with his twisted mind, many of his favorite designs are geared towards kids. Jody often collaborates with his friend and fellow woodworker/designer Robert Klein, his cousin and talented artist Laura Skuse and a growing list of other talented people. When not creating, Jody can be found out on the water, up in trees, running, or hanging out with friends and trying to make them feel uncomfortable.


“I love the process, I often get lost in it. Inspiration hits me constantly and I can almost feel it coming. I enjoy designing for anyone, but there’s something magical about doing kid’s stuff. I imagine it’s how a Disney animator feels when working on a cartoon. There are no limits when it comes to kid’s furniture. The same can be said of an adult if they’re anything like me”.

“Less is more, except when it’s not quite enough. In that case, I add a little more.”

Jody Gaston


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