The purpose of the ‘Concepts’ page is to both illustrate  how the custom design process works  and to display computer renderings of designs yet to be built. For the former, ‘Lynden’s ‘ bed has been used as an example.

Computer modeling


lynden 10Lynden is a ten year old girl who’s parents commissioned me to design a bed for her birthday.  After a conversation,  to get an idea of what they were looking for, and a visit to Lynden’s room to take measurements and a few photos, they received, by email, a series of rough computer renderings.

Lynden was shown three or four of these renderings and decided that she liked the one shown here, on the right. I was very excited about this because it was the design that I, myself,  liked most of all .  If Lynden didn’t choose this one, my wife and I would presently  be sleeping in a queen size version.   What little girl wouldn’t want a spiral staircase to her bed?

Once it was decided that this was the design, a wood species was chosen (in this case poplar), they were then shown a rendering in that species, shown below.   Liking what they saw, they gave me the go ahead to begin  construction.




Having talked with the client and explained the characteristics of the wood species they chose, I hand selected specific pieces to meet the requirements and compliment the design in the way we discussed. Once everything needed was sourced and collected, the build went smoothly, and a date was set for installation. That day arrived, and the bed was installed in about an hour and a half while the young lady was out of the house.


Completed Project

Below we see the very lovely Lynden herself, modeling her new bed.

Other concepts

pirate bed

pirate bunk bed-shown in sapele – Jody Gaston/Robert Klein design


china cab

china cabinet-shown in black walnut and stained glass – Jody Gaston design